To find free email service you can be picky. Try to choose free email service that have a good market. You can get lots of storage, a productive and fast interface, effective spam filtering, as mobile access, desktop email program, and many more by choosing the right free email service.

Free Email Service: 7 Top

After a good research I have found some platforms offering really great free email service.

  1. Gmail: The dominating platform providing free email services. You can use Gmail for chatting, emailing and social networking. It offers unlimited online storage for free! Gmail is also famous for offering advanced techniques and you will find contextual advertising just next to all email you read.
  2. Zoho Mail: It is gaining popularity to offer ample storage, instant messaging, IMAP and POP access, and online office suites. It is really a worthy free email service and can be used by the professional users. It lets you organize mails, identify key contacts and messages.
  3. iCloud Mail: It is another free email service and offered by the very popular Steve’s Apple. It catches the users by POP and IMAP access, ample storage, and a sophisticated functional web application.
  4. AIM Mail: It is one of the great free email services offered by AOL. It shines with an easy and rich interface. It has really a stunning online storage and gives you unlimited storage capacity. Its spam protection is also helpful to save your mail inbox from the spammers. It has also a good functional IMAP and POP access.
  5. Windows Live Hotmail: Since its inception Windows Hot Mail has been one of the top free email services. It catches users’ attention for offering solid security, POP access, fast search, desktop email program, and unlimited storage. Its interface is really catchy and easy. When you will organize mails by Windows Live Hotmail, you will find many helpful automations and shortcuts. Try this out!
  6. FastMail: Though FastMail does not offer you a truly effective program of spam filtering for your free accounts but it still can be labeled as a good free email service. It has a stellar web interface, which is really great, some useful features, and IMAP access.
  7. Yahoo Mail: Needless to mention about its popularity and usage. It is Yahoo dude! Enjoy instant messaging, SMS texting, social networking, unlimited storage, smart folders, free-form labeling, and many more features while using this free email service.

Free Email Service

It’s hard to believe, but there are still people out there paying for email services. Luckily, there is a wide selection of free Web-based email applications these days that can help cut your email costs with free email service.